Why Choose A Metal Roof?

Why Choose A Metal Roof?

Some Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

While metal roofing isn’t as popular in the United States as asphalt shingles are, it should at least be considered as an option the next time you are planning a roof replacement.

Metal, or steel, roofing is fairly common on commercial buildings or farm buildings. It has many good qualities that make it a viable option. The one big detraction from metal roofing was its appearance. Until lately, steel roofs didn’t look very attractive. But that is changing rapidly now.

Today, you can get metal roofs in almost any color. They look much better than the old tin roofs of decades past. In fact, many people almost prefer the sleek, modern look a metal roof offers.

Probably the biggest benefit of steel roofs is their durability. Roof Worx explains “Metal is both durable and very light, and metal roofing should last from 40 to 80 years”.

They require almost no yearly maintenance and they last a long time. They stand up well in any climate.

Steel roofing is almost always made from recycled products, so you can feel good about choosing this type of roof, knowing that it is a good green decision. And decades from now, when it is taken off your roof, it can be recycled again, completing the circle.

Most metal roofs are comparably priced to asphalt shingles, and are generally less expensive than high-grade tile. The installation is pretty easy as well and not as costly as tile installation.

There are some strong points for choosing a metal solution for your next construction job. Charlotte Roofing NC Evergreen is a licensed, bonded and fully insured contractor with knowledgable work crews that are available at any time of the day to respond to emergency repairs.

They can install various types of roofs according to manufacturer’s specifications exactly. These applications can be either low-sloped products or commercial shingles. They specialize on all types of commercial roof coverings.

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